Speech Language Pathology

Meridian Rehab’s team of Speech Therapists offer speech therapy in Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton and Kamloops and work with both children and adults.

Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are experts in communication and swallowing. SLPs have in-depth knowledge on the development and rehabilitation of speech and language as well as swallowing, voice, fluency (stuttering), resonance (nasality), cognitive communication and social communication. Communication delays/disorders and swallowing disorders can be related to developmental delays, neurogenic disease, brain injury or stroke. SLPs are rehabilitation professionals who help clients maximize their ability to communicate effectively and swallow safely in any environment.

At Meridian Rehab, our SLPs provide a range of rehabilitation services to clients of all ages. These include:

Pediatric services (autism services, early language development etc.)
• Speech sound therapy (articulation, phonology, apraxia of speech)
• Language therapy (expressive and receptive language skills)
• Stroke and brain injury rehabilitation
Dysphagia assessment and intervention
• Cognitive communication intervention (conversational topic maintenance, attending to others, memory, solving problems, planning etc.)
• Social skills training
• Reading and writing therapy
• Voice therapy
• Fluency / stuttering therapy
• Accent reduction therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists also work with families and caregivers of individuals with communication difficulties (due to stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, dementia etc.) to help them find new ways to communicate effectively.

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Notice Regarding COVID-19: The safety and health of our community remains our top priority and we continue to monitor and follow the latest recommendations of our provincial health officer. We are able to provide effective therapy services via telehealth; when therapy needs require in-person service, we are able to do so safely following provincial health orders. For more details about our COVID Safety Plan please go to "What's New" or for information on how we use telehealth in therapy programs, click on the link below: