walkerOccupational Therapists (OTs) are experts in function, taking into consideration all the aspects of a person and their environment in which they work, play, and take care of themselves! This includes the physical, cognitive, and emotional components, as well as their physical and social environments.

OTs are rehabilitation professionals who help clients to return to the activities they want to and need to do, often after an injury or illness.

Meridian Rehab’s OTs specialize in a wide range of rehabilitation services. These include:

Our OTs also often work in a case management role, organizing and overseeing rehab programs with interdisciplinary team members.

Please Contact Us to set up a referral for OT services, or see our drop down list under “Services” for details regarding specific programming.

Check out the video below where our OT, Danielle, talks about what she loves about Occupational Therapy!

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