Remote Therapy in Action!

Remote Pediatric Occupational Therapy

“I has been such a pleasant surprise to see the response to jumping in with remote therapy. Parents and guardians have been so open to the change. It has really felt like a team effort between myself, the family and child.” -Danielle Setlakwe, OT

Watch this ~2 minute video!

Watch this ~2 minute video!

Remote SLP Services

Watch how 4 year old Oscar had fun working on his /s/ sound and practiced applying the concepts of same vs. different in this video!

Remote Kinesiology Services

Through this time we can still talk, listen, educate, guide and support our clients towards their physical goals.

Watch this ~3 minute video!

Watch this ~2 minute video!

Remote Active Rehabilitation

Using remote therapy to connect with my clients at home has been super helpful in allowing us to continue to with and modify their programs in order to maintain their progress.  

Meridian Rehab uses Zoom as their platform for remote sessions. Zoom provides end-end encryption which meets HIPAA, PPEDA, and PHIPA standards.

“I am enjoying using Zoom so that we can continue the much needed therapy for my injured ankle. I really like that in real time you can point out that I need to bend my knee or watch where my toes are pointed. That makes all the difference. I also enjoy the added connection to see and talk to you. Being injured can be isolating, but now with the social isolation as well, it is great that you are able to “come into my home” via zoom and really SEE how I am doing on a variety of levels. I find it encouraging and uplifting, and I really look forward to our sessions. Thanks for offering this service!”

- Shanda

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