Work Specific Rehabilitation Services

Work specific rehabilitation is a comprehensive, customized blend of services designed to assist injured or ill workers return to work.

Work Conditioning

Work conditioning is a customized, goal oriented physical program designed to restore strength and conditioning to enable the worker to return to work.

Work Hardening

Work Hardening is a customized, multi-disciplinary, and job specific program that uses real or simulated work activities and progressively graded conditioning with the goal of return to work. The program hours and supervision level is tailored depending on the critical demands of the specific job and the worker’s stage of recovery.

Job Site Visit

Workplace visit for the purposes of supporting the injured worker at work or planning to return to work. The job site visit can be incorporated into a work hardening/conditioning program or on its own.

Job Demands Analysis

A detailed, quantitative and qualitative assessment of the physical demands, environmental, and psychosocial stressors, associated with a particular job. A job demands analysis can be done on its own or incorporated into a work hardening

Case Management/ Return to Work Coordination

Case management assists the client, the employer, and the insurance agency with detailed orthopaedic assessment, job evaluation, and treatment recommendations to facilitate a successful and durable return to work.

Work Related Education

Education sessions that focus on hurt vs. harm, proper body mechanics related to work tasks, work pacing, and injury prevention are included in all work specific rehabilitation programs. Client will also be educated regarding optimal posture, back and neck care, pain management at the workplace.

Ergonomic Evaluations
Ergonomics is the science of fitting the work environment to the people who do the work. The goal is to achieve optimum performance while minimizing the risk of injury or discomfort. Ergonomic assessments are valuable to employers who wish to keep their employees healthier and more productive in the workplace. These assessments can:

  • Prevent a workplace injury before it occurs.
  • Improve work quality and productivity.
  • Increase workplace morale among colleagues.
  • Improve job satisfaction.
  • Improve workplace health and safety.
  • Enable an employee to return to work after illness or injury.

At Meridian Rehab our OTs and Kinesiologists are available to perform these evaluations. We identify risk factors, address the interaction between the worker and the environment, and provide intervention to match the individual with the tasks they perform.

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