Vocational Consultant Services

As circumstances of our lives change, new occupational opportunities may need to be explored. A Vocational Consultant can provide information about an individual’s skills, abilities and interests, and identify possible career paths the individual could pursue.  Support and education will assist the individual in this transition.

Services offered:

Full Vocational Skills Analysis and Profile
In depth career assessment and analysis using STRONG standardized assessment tools, NOC code explanations for further career exploration.  A comprehensive report will follow with results, options and recommendations.

Transfer of Skills Assessment 
Assists the client in determining a new career direction without the use of assessments.  Use of forensic documentation and client interview to assist in determining vocational options for an individual based upon skills, experience, education, and current ability.  

Career Exploration
A comprehensive research process to investigate several career paths to identify realistic goals and action steps to achieve them.

Labour Market Analysis
Research of the current labour market to determine wages and opportunities to match individuals’ job goals.

Resume Development
Creation of a formal resume with the client including their experience, skills, interests, etc…

Job Search Skills Education
Up to 4 weeks of supported job search skill development and education.  Education and coaching on how to find a job, community resources, interview coaching and presentation. Follow up and support related to job search activity will also be provided.

Supported Job Search
Education and support to review the clients focus and goals, access to job banks and information about community services.  Support and organization related to creating employer contacts, job interviews and placement opportunities.  Timelines will be provided after the initial session.

For rates or to set up a vocational referral, please contact us at 1-888-542-3089.

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