Functional Capacity Evaluations & Medical-Legal Services

Meridian Rehabilitation offers a variety of Medical Legal assessment services in Vernon, Kelowna, Kamloops and surrounding areas. Our therapists are experienced in performing Functional Capacity Evaluations and several have been accepted to provide expert witness testimony in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

What is an FCE?
Functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) are one or two day comprehensive assessments designed to answer questions regarding a client’s physical and/or cognitive abilities. This may be related to work and/or activities of daily living.

FCEOur FCEs are customized to answer the questions of the funder. Common questions answered include:

  • What are the client’s current functional tolerances?
  • What are the client’s functional abilities and limitations with regards to daily activities?
  • What are the client’s functional abilities and limitations with respect to employment?
  • Is the client able to perform their pre-injury job?
  • Would the client benefit from rehabilitation services and, if so, which services?

In addition to assessing physical and cognitive abilities, the FCE may also look at emotional and environmental factors that may be impacting function.

Meridian Rehabilitation offers medical-legal and non-legal FCE options and our therapists are experienced in both physical and cognitive evaluations.

Additional Medical Legal Services:

Cost of Future Care Assessments
Cost of Future Care Reports, or Life Care Plans, outline a client’s current and future needs based on an individualized assessment of their functional abilities and living situation. Our reports provide detailed information about expenses for medications, services, therapies and equipment to assist clients in reaching a functional state that is as close as reasonably possible to pre-injury state.

Rebuttal Reports, Report Critiques and Case Review
Our therapists are also experienced in providing assistance with rebuttal reports, critiques of peer reports, and guidance regarding case management and therapy requirements of individual clients.

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