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Functional Driver Evaluation and Training & 
Vehicle Modification Assessments

The Driver Evaluation and Rehabilitation program offered by Meridian Rehabilitation Consultants Inc. is a comprehensive program designed to provide Functional Driver Evaluation (FDE) and Rehabilitation services to individuals who have experienced medical changes which may affect their driving ability. Medical changes that could impact driving are diverse; examples include neurological changes, visual changes, medication use, and psychosocial concerns.

The FDE is the starting point for anyone we plan to do any in-car work with and includes clinic based screening of cognitive, visuo-perceptual, and physical functioning as well as an on-road assessment. Clinical screening must be performed prior to any in-vehicle rehabilitation activities to ensure safety, to the best degree possible, and to increase the likelihood of a successful rehabilitation outcome.

At Meridian Rehabilitation, all Class 5/7 in-car work is completed using our dual controlled evaluation and rehabilitation vehicle in a one-to-one client/therapist setting. All of our Occupational Therapists that work within our driving program are dual trained as Class 5/7 ICBC licensed driving instructors. This means that the same person who completes your in-clinic screening takes you out driving, allowing consistency of care and therapeutic rapport during your on-road session(s).

If required, our vehicle can be set up with hand controls, left foot accelerator, and various steering aids including spinner knobs that integrate with critical accessory controls such as turn signals and lights. In cases where technology available through our program is not able to meet the needs of incoming clients, we do maintain relationships with provincial ‘high-tech’ driver rehabilitation programs and are able to provide information and referrals as necessary.

Meridian Rehabilitation is an accepted provider of FDE and Rehabilitation reports to RoadSafety BC, the provincial licensing authority which carries authority for making decisions regarding driver medical fitness within British Columbia. With provision of client consent, this reporting allows us to make recommendations for license restriction, modification or cancellation.

We are capable of providing evaluations and rehabilitation at the ICBC provincial licensing Class 5/7 and 1 levels. Please be aware that a full Class 5 functional driving evaluation must be completed with any clients prior to progressing on to Class 1 assessment.

Our driver rehabilitation program is operated out of our Vernon clinic location and clients typically travel to Vernon for assessment/rehabilitation. If an individual is unable to travel to Vernon, please contact us to discuss a quote for travel fees.

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