Case Management

At Meridian Rehab our Occupational Therapists may work in the role of case manager. A case manager is normally hired by a third party payer to oversee the continuum of therapy as a client recovers from an injury. The funder hires a case manager for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the case moves forward efficiently and effectively.
  • To provide them with advice about what to do (what to fund, who to hire, what is no longer necessary etc.)
  • To act as a liaison between themselves and the rest of the rehab or medical team.

OTs often work in the role of case managers because of the focus on function. OTs have a “whole picture” view of people, and this is a strength used when working in this role. The OT/case manager will do the following:

  • Assess the functional abilities and limitations of a client
  • Set functional goals with the client
  • Recommend services, equipment, and therapies to achieve the functional goal
  • Through functional re-assessments, ensure progress towards the goals
  • Provide updates on progress to the funder
  • Make recommendations to the funder about changes to services, therapies, and equipment as appropriate
  • Determine when functional goals have been met
  • Recommend discharge in a timely manner
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