We get it! Funding can be confusing and accessing the proper programs and services can sometimes feel overwhelming.

At Meridian, we strive to be experts when it comes to partnering with various programs and funding channels. We will help you fill out funding forms  and work directly with your funder to ensure you get the most out of your therapy dollars.

Below are some more details on just some of the funding sources we work with. If you have funding in place for your child, feel free to contact us and we can help you get started!



Autism Funding Unit

Here’s an overview of the autism funding process works. Find more information about Autism Funding on their website, here.

Step 1: Once a diagnosis of Autism has been made, the family contacts a local children and youth with special needs (CYSN) office to make an appointment to meet with a CYSN worker who will confirm whether a child is eligible for autism funding.

Step 2: After meeting with the CYSN worker, parents or guardians will receive two copies of an Autism Funding Agreement in the mail. Both copies must be signed and returned to the Autism Funding Program within two weeks.

Step 3: Parents or guardians will then receive a letter that outlines the funding available and the funding period dates.

Step 4: Parents select their service providers (this is where Meridian Rehab comes in!). For children under the age of six, professionals must be selected from the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP). It’s also recommended that families of children over the age of six also choose service providers from the RASP.

Step 5: Our parent-liaison will help you get set up on the Autism Funding Unit Portal, complete the Request to Pay (RTP) Service Providers / Suppliers Form, and review it with you to ensure everything’s correct. This is where you’ll decide the amount of funding you want to ‘assign’ to Meridian.

Step 6: Once funding has been approved by the Autism Funding Unit, your therapists can provide treatment.

Step 7: Each month, Meridian will send an invoice to the Autism Funding Program for services provided. AFU pays Meridian directly.  Our invoices can be viewed on the AFU parent portal, or you can request that a copy be emailed to you each month.  


At Home Program

The At Home Program (AHP) is designed to support children and teens with a severe disability or complex health care needs. An application must first be submitted to At Home Program before funding can be set up through a therapy provider.

Step 1: With help from a doctor, complete the At Home Program Application

Step 2: Mail or fax the application to your local Children and Youth Special Needs (CYSN) office.

Step 3: After your application is received, the program will contact you to arrange for an in-home assessment of your child or teen’s abilities in four functional activities of daily living (eating, dressing, toileting and washing).

Step 4: After the assessment is completed, a regional committee reviews the application and assessment and makes an eligibility recommendation to the At Home Program.

Step 5: Parents are sent a letter with the final decision, and, if the child or teen is eligible for the program, a children and youth with special needs (CYSN) social worker will follow up to discuss the family’s needs and other available services.

This is where Meridian comes in! Once funding through the At Home Program is approved, our therapists (OT and/or SLP) can submit the request for funding for their respective therapy and Meridian bills AHP directly.

It’s important to note that AHP is intended to assist parents or guardians with some of the extraordinary costs of caring for a child with severe disabilities, it does not pay for costs fully. AHP will cover up to $3840 per year for each therapy (OT & SLP) and will pay a maximum of $80/hour. This means, in most cases, the parents are required to cover the difference. If you have AHP funding in place and are concerned about your ability to cover the costs not paid by the program, please let your therapist know.

For more information on funding through At Home Program, click here.


Funding through Schools and Education Sources


There is a wide variety of education options for children requiring services in BC. These include:

  • Public Schools
  • Independent School and Private Schools
  • Distributed Learning
  • Learning or Private Therapy Centres

Meridian is happy to work with your funding sources to set up direct billing and maximize your therapy dollars within our integrated team of therapists. Click here to make a referral and get started!


Funding through Charities

We are also able to accept funding and direct bill where possible for families who have secured funding through charities such as Cops for Kids, Variety, CKNW and others.

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