Meridian Rehabilitation offers Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis on Verbal Behavior after the approach detailed in the popular book, “Motivation and Reinforcement: Turning the Tables on Autism” written by our Behavior Analysis Practice Leader and international ABA/VB presenter, Robert Schramm.  ABA/VB is not specifically designed for autism and has been demonstrated effective for a wide variety of issues for children and adults.

Will My Child Benefit from Behaviour Analysis?

Pediatric BA services can help if your child has difficulties with:

  • Low Motivation
  • Task avoidance
  • Negative attention seeking
  • Cooperation
  • Tantrums/meltdowns
  • Aggression toward self and/or others



  • Elopement (running away)
  • Transitions
  • Inflexibility
  • Independence/self-help skills
  • Play and Social Skills

What is Verbal Behavior?

Verbal Behavior is the part of behavior that deals with communication. ABA programs that prioritize the research related to VB are much more highly reliant on the use of a child’s naturally occurring motivation. We don’t teach skills that a child needs to learn unless we know why the child would want to learn that skill. VB focuses on understanding a child’s motivation so that the teacher/parent can set up a teaching setting in which the child becomes a happy, active participant in learning. This is called “Motivated Learning.” Practically, this means that all learning is designed to be fun above all else and takes place in the actual environment in which your child is trying to learn to be a better participant.

“Children with autism can and do learn from their environment and through the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with Verbal Behavior (VB).  We can learn to change their environment in ways that teach them how to be more successful in life”

Robert Schramm, MA, BCBA (Certificant #1-04-1960)

American born and raised, Robert has provided services to individuals with disabilities since the late 1990’s. Before joining Meridian, Robert spent the past 14 years running Europe’s largest ABA with verbal behavior intervention service. With the multiple language publication of his first Book, “Motivation and Reinforcement” and through his very popular workshops, webinars and other conference presentations, Robert has become a sought after name in the autism intervention world. Focusing on motivated, rather than captive learning, Robert’s ABA/VB approach differs from most traditional forms of ABA. It is more naturalistic and uses the behavioral principles to guide our shared interactions throughout the child’s regular daily activities, rather than teaching in an artificial setting and then hoping the child can generalize these skills back to the natural environment. Robert leads a team of very talented Behavior Analysts, including Anne Wormald, and Isabelle Thomas, in helping you find the best way to motivate and teach your child how to better participate socially in the home, school and community.

Read how ABA/VB differs from traditional forms of ABA in Robert’s Blog post:

For more on Robert’s move to BC see this article from the Penticton Western News!

For more information about how Behaviour Analysis consulting can help your child, or to see how BA works as part of our inter-disciplinary team, see our Programs & Services page.

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