We Believe in an Interdisciplinary Approach

Meridian has a full team to support you and your child to help develop individualized service plans that will maximize your child’s ability to learn and grow. All under one roof, we’re able to offer Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist and Rehabilitation Assistant / Behaviour Interventionist services. We provide services to all ages of children who have an autism diagnosis.  

We believe that to provide an excellent service, team members should work closely and seamlessly to maximize the functional gains the child can make. Having all of our service providers working closely together allows us to offer a comprehensive team program that ensures all areas of development are addressed by the right professional at the right time. One of the many benefits of having your whole team under one roof is that it provides a cohesive program where all team members are familiar with the approach, use the same language, and all have been trained in the same way.  

We Believe in the Importance of a Qualified Staff

We have therapists on the Registered Autism Service Providers (RASP) list in all of our locations. This is something required if you are accessing funding, through the Autism Funding Unit, for a child under 6. Autism Services at Meridian Rehab are designed to be a comprehensive team approach that helps you make the most of your funding resources. We are proud of our passionate and committed team of consultants and therapists who combine decades of knowledge and experience to guide you and your child toward the best possible outcomes. 

We Believe in a Parent’s Right to Choose

Although we value a team approach, we also believe it is every parent’s right to choose their team members. It is not required to work with Meridian exclusively. Our therapists are happy to work with other service providers in the community that you may already have on your team 

We Believe in Parent Training

Please, take some time and look through our pages.  Get to know our team philosophy and the importance of parent training in education and therapy. Once you have learned as much as you can from these pages, fill out a referral form to begin the process of creating a team professionals who are dedicated to helping you learn how to best help your child overcome the challenges they face.

We Believe in the Benefits of Assistant Interventionists

SLP/OT assistants help the overseeing therapist carry out the program they’ve recommended. Our therapy assistants have the training and ability to help parents with additional implementation of our program, while being a cost-effective option. Because their billing rates are lower than the overseeing therapist, having an OT-Assistant or SLP-Assistant  provide support on the therapy team will help make the most of your therapy dollars. 

At Meridian Rehab, we do not diagnose your child or judge their potential based on diagnosis. Meridian supports you in the education and therapy needs of your child, regardless of their diagnosis. However, having a diagnosis is an important step to getting funding for services. Paths to diagnostic support can be found here. You can also get more information on funding sources, the Autism Funding Unit, and more by visiting our Resources Page.

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