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Meridian Rehab is a full-service pediatric therapy provider with a strong set of guiding principles that focus on helping each child in our care meet their maximum potential. Whether your child’s needs would best be served by an Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, or any combination of these fields, we can help you identify the fastest and most comprehensive way to a new future for your child and family.

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Working with Meridian Rehab gives you many excellent options!

No two people are the same and everybody has different goals and challenges in life. This is just as true for individuals with disabilities and their families. Meridian Rehab prides itself on being responsive to your child and family’s individual needs. We take into consideration all of the things that make you and your child unique.

Pick and choose the supports you want: If you already know what supports you are looking for, you can pick and choose from all of the areas we work in; Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech and Language Pathology (SLP). Perhaps you are just interested in one type of therapy, or a different combination of 2. We can do that for you! We have incorporated the inter-disciplinary meeting and planning time into our pricing so that we are making the most of our time with you and your child.

Or, let us help you decide with the Full Meridian Package: It’s very possible you don’t yet know what your child can benefit from best. That’s where our specialists come in! We offer full assessments across OT and SLP to help determine what your funding dollars should focus on and who might be best to help you achieve those goals. The Meridian Initial Consultation package gives you full assessments from all three major disciplines. We then take all of our data and help you determine your best combination and intensity of services. Say your child would benefit from SLP but OT may not be as relevant – We can assess that and shift your funding to the therapists that can best help. We will also build interdisciplinary communication into your program so that everyone working with your child is in agreement on methodology and working towards the same goals.

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