Meridian’s team of Occupational Therapists work out of our Vernon, Kamloops, Kelowna and Penticton offices, serving clients all over the Thompson-Okanagan area. In honour of OT Month, we’ll be showcasing some of our therapists and their favourite areas of practice. You can find them helping their clients reaching goals at home, work, school or at play. As we showcase more therapists, we’ll also add them here, so you can see the variety of ways Occupational Therapy works!


Spotlight 1: Shannon Rockall 
“Rehabilitation for individuals with complex rehabilitation needs such as spinal cord injuries and acquired brain injuries has always been my passion. Wheelchair seating and equipment prescription is about putting pieces of the puzzle together to enable function in everyday activities. I feel super privileged to be able to do the work I do!”


Spotlight 2: Karen Collins
Karen Collins, has been with Meridian Rehab for almost 9 years! Karen is well-known for her work in hand therapy and splinting. Splinting is using special mouldable thermo-plastics to support and protect a painful or unstable joint. Karen likes that splinting is totally customizable. It also allows her to get creative because each client and their needs and goals canbe so different. She likes that she’s able to see her clients benefit right away –they feel reassurance that their injury is protected or see their pain lessen almost immediately.


Spotlight 3: Laura Slauenwhite
“I chose to become an occupational therapist because of the diversity of the profession, and I certainly get to see and do it all at Meridian! Whether I’m helping a child play on a playground, helping a nurse return to work, or helping an older adult learn to independently take the transit system, I feel privileged to watch my clients achieve their goals.”



Spotlight 4: Alisha Morris
“I am passionate about working with individuals who have sustained brain injuries, from post-concussion syndrome through to severe traumatic brain injury. It is so rewarding to be a part of helping someone to be able to return to their pre-injury life activities and functioning, and is something I feel lucky to do!”



Spotlight 5: Bevan Haley
Bevan loves being an OT because she gets to help clients to return to the activities they value the most. Whether that means returning to work, self-care tasks, or leisure, she finds it to be such a rewarding experience. Here she is with a long-time client who, after a long road to recovery, has been able to start volunteering!



Spotlight 6: Sabrina White
Sabrina loves that, as an OT, you get the chance to help people realize their goals! “As a community based OT, I get to work with clients for weeks, months, or even years. Working with clients for so long makes it extra special when they reach their goals. A long-time client of mine eagerly wanted his driver’s license back after sustaining a brain injury. After months of hard work and amazing patience, he got it! I am so proud of him and can’t wait to see what else he accomplishes.”



Spotlight 7: Fiona Stevenson
OT Month continues! Fiona works out of our Kelowna office and plays a huge part on our pediatric team! “I love the resiliency that children demonstrate. I learn a lot from the wee ones that I work with… So often they find joy on days when things are difficult, and there is so much beauty in that. I feel incredibly privileged to work with and learn with these amazing little humans”


wendiSpotlight 8: Wendi Wright
There is no doubt in my mind that OT was the right career choice for me. The opportunities to specialise in areas that I enjoy most (brain injury/concussion and mental health!) balanced with the opportunities to apply OT skills to a varied caseload keep me constantly growing both personally and professionally. I am continually inspired by my clients’ resiliency and drive to recover and return to their life post injury or illness. I feel grateful to be a part that recovery process!


lizSpotlight 9: Liz Lucas
Liz Lucas works out of our Vernon office and is also the OT Practice Lead, overseeing the on-goings of day-to-day OT. “I feel so fortunate to work in a profession that celebrates the complexity of the human experience, our unique differences and our unifying sameness. I get so excited when I can help people better understand their brain injury, their anxiety, or how to live a full and meaningful life after injury or illness. When people ask what an OT does, I say you will find us anywhere someone is restricted in participating, for whatever reason, in what they need or want to do in everyday life. The diversity of our profession serves the diversity of people we work with.”

Spotlight 10: Lydia Phillips
Lydia started Meridian Rehabilitation as a private practice in 1999. Her focus has since shifted to the mentorship and development of our team of now more than 20 Occupational Therapists (as well as 16 Kinesiologists and Rehab Assistants, 3 SLPs and 1 physiotherapist). “I’ve been an OT for 26 years now and I am so thankful that I chose this profession!  There are hundreds of things that I love about my job, but what I have been enjoying most lately is the opportunity to help my staff develop their skills.   Becoming a highly skilled OT requires being open to challenges; both professional and personal.  I love challenging my staff and helping them discover both how excellent they are and how much better they could be.”

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