Driving Evaluations and Driver Services

Functional Driver Evaluation and Training

Meridian Rehabilitation is an approved RoadSafetyBC service provider for the completion of functional driving evaluations.

We assess individuals whose ability to drive has been challenged by illness or injury, cognitive impairment or visual deficit. Our programs are delivered by occupational therapists who are certified driving instructors and are in active partnership with the client, the primary care physician, and the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles (for those without a valid license).

Meridian Rehabilitation’s focus is on the assessment of the client’s rehabilitation potential to return to driving. Where appropriate, clients are offered a comprehensive driver rehabilitation program to facilitate a return to driving.

Cognitive, perceptual, behavioural, visual and physical core skills are assessed to determine impact on operational, tactical and strategic driving. A series of validated tests are used to assess skill deficits prior to proceeding on-road. Driving performance and ability to compensate for identified skill deficits is assessed through in-clinic and on-road testing. All vehicle classes can be assessed including ability to operate motorized equipment such as forklifts and excavators.

Adapted driving lessons are available to assist those clients with anxiety to transition back to driving as well as those clients who need to habituate compensatory strategies necessary for return to driving. All sessions are supervised by an Occupational Therapist that is also certified as a driving instructor.

Vehicle Modification Assessments

Driver and vehicle assessments determines requirements for adaptive driving equipment and vehicle modifications. Vehicle modifications may include lifts, hand controls and a variety of devices to improve driver safety and on-road performance. Meridian Rehab’s Occupational Therapists ensure clients are referred to high quality vendors for professional installation and testing of the modifications we recommend.

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