At Meridian Rehab, our therapists will provide an individualized assessment that best determines your child’s areas of strengths and areas that require growth and development. We will help to identify areas to develop that will make a difference in your child’s ability to participate and succeed in day to day living. 

Simple Assessment – $300
– One or two areas of need to address only.  

Advanced Assessment – $500
– Three areas of need to address. 

Comprehensive Assessment – $700
– More than three areas of need to address.  
– Report that requires additional information for a pediatrician to help inform a diagnosis. 

All assessments will provide a report that will identify: objective information from observational/standardized assessment, comparison to age appropriate norms, goals, and further therapy recommendations.  

Our staff can help you to determine what level of assessment your child may need when you call to inquire about assessment. Click Here for more information on making a referral.   



Our therapists can provide support to groups (e.g. an organization like a school) and individuals through a consultative model (little to no direct treatment, but coaching and supporting other adults in the child’s environment).  We believe that building the capacity of the adults in the child’s environment can be one of the most effective way of supporting a child.  If we can help parents or caregivers sneak therapy type learning into everyday activities, we can see the child’s skills grow exponentially!  

Rates for consultation are individualized based on the child or organization’s needs.  


We provide individualized treatment programs for all of our clients. We can see you in our clinic, in your home, or at community locations (e.g. daycare, schools that allow private therapist to attend).  OT & SLP sessions are typically 45 to 60 minutes in length –but this can be customized to meet you and your child’s needs.  

At Meridian Rehab, our OTs & SLPs bill a session rate rather than an hourly rate.  This session rate includes all indirect aspects related to the therapy program.  This allows for easy and predictable costs related to your therapy program.

We believe billing our practice to be clear and easy to understand.  We know that excellent therapy requires time and energy spent behind the scenes to develop a strong functional program.   

 Our OT & SLP Session include, not only the direct therapy time with your child, but also the follow ‘indirect’ work that goes on outside of the session:

  • Preparing a plan and activities to meet treatment goals (for each session) 
  • Communicating before / after session with parents 
  • Documentation of session (mandatory by our regulatory bodies that we keep documentation of the work that we do) 
  • Creating specific materials for your child (e.g. visual schedules, communication pictures, speech sound cards for home practice etc…) 
  • Lengthy emails / phone calls
  • Communication with other team members
  • Team meetings  (if it will be longer than 1 hour – the meeting will be billed as an additional session) 


Our therapists offer a variety of group programs.  Group size will vary based on client needs and abilities.  Groups are customized to the goals of the children involved and provide a social setting for children to practice their skills. Some of the groups that we offer include: 

  • Social Thinking® Curriculum (Wee Thinkers, Super Flex, Social Detective) 
  • Learn to Play  
  • Physical Literacy for children with autism 
  • Speech sound groups 
  • Fine motor groups  



Meridian’s dynamic therapist present at various events locally, nationally and globally.  We can customize a workshop to suit your group’s needs and educational requirements.  Topics that we frequently present on are: 

  • Be a Child’s Best Teacher: Introduction/Intermediate Methods of Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior 
  • Learn to Play: Linking imaginative play to speech, language and social development. 
  • Language and literacy: the importance of developing strong literacy skills for academic success.  

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For more information on services we provide for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, click here.