Tal Roskes, MSc (SLP), R.SLP

Tal came to us from Ottawa, Ontario, after completing her Bachelor of Arts at McGill University and her Master of Science, Speech Language Pathology in United Kingdom, where she lived and studied for 5 years. She enjoys creating holistic and individualized therapy plans to help her clients achieve their communication goals.


Qualifications & Memberships

Master of Science, Speech Language Pathology- University College London
Bachelor of Arts – McGill University
Registered member of the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC
Registered member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy (RCSLT), UK
Dysphagia certified (completion of RCSLT Dysphagia Competencies)
Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study
Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy


Areas of Practice

Pediatric Services
Speech sound therapy (articulation disorders, phonological delays/disorders, childhood apraxia of speech)
Language therapy (expressive and receptive language skills) for developmental language delays/disorders 
Fluency / stuttering therapy
Acquired communication disorders: aphasia, dysarthria, verbal dyspraxia, cognitive-communication (e.g. conversational topic maintenance, attending to others, memory, solving problems, planning etc.)
Stroke and brain injury rehabilitation
Dysphagia assessment and intervention
Stroke and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation

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